zondag 25 juni 2017

Capsule review: Millionaire - Sciencing (2017)

It was just when we hit the desert the phased drums kicked in. And then my mind split open. Action rock now.

vrijdag 23 juni 2017

Capsule review: Evil superstars - Satan is in my ass EP (1996)

Evil Superstars ballads, it's not a crowded genre. So of course their best effort is a 6 minute beauty, which they title 'Worse than kaka' (no relation to the lyrics) and tuck away on an EP. Near faultless stuff - 'Scratch' and 'Fucking love' (not a ballad) too.

Capsule review: Wilco - Wilco Schmilco (2016)

There's often something needy under the carpet with Wilco, like a black hole sucking up charm. Which is too bad.

Capsule review: Alex G - Rocket (2017)

Enigmatic DIY auteur (writes a lot, sometimes about drugs). Pop songs ('Proud', 'Bobby') occur by happenstance. So it seems. In the midst of chaos. It's good to have some musicians around for whom the process will always remain a mystery.